A Haunted Mansion Burlesque Cabaret

October 2024

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A Haunted Mansion Burlesque Cabaret

When hinges creak in a doorless theatre, and strange and frightening sounds echo from the stage — that is the time when ghosts are present, practicing their bump and grind with ghoulish delight, in search of foolish mortals like YOU to join their nine hundred and ninety-nine happy haunts at a cabaret like no other!  

Kindly join us inside these haunted theatres, where you shall experience the creepiest of burlesque cabarets during this most gothic of seasons- where thwarted brides seek revenge, couples dance for all eternity, paintings change before your eyes, heads foretell your future, and grim-grinning ghosts fly overhead in search of one last mortal to join their cabaret troupe. Will it be you? Be sure to bring your death certificate... there’s no turning back now. 

Alberta Rose Theatre

3000 Ne Alberta St.

Portland, OR

October 4, 5, & 6, 2024

Historic Grand Theatre

191 High Street NE

Salem, OR 97301

October 11, 2024

FOOLISH MORTALS: A Haunted Mansion Burlesque Cabaret

Hurry back. We're dying to have you. 

Our Cast & Crew Coming Soon