Magical Beats

The Time Traveller's Costume Presents:

Magical Beats- an evening in the 1920's Wizarding World

(featuring Lacy's Cabaret)

It is February 4,1926 in New York City, and sixty years before Harry Potter cracks a textbook, MACUSA- (Magical Congress of the United States of America) a secret society of witches and wizards, are having a party and you, and our "no-maj" allies (American slang for muggle) are invited!

We'll gather at the local Secret Society speakeasy for a jazz filled evening hosted by MACUSA representative Danny The Historical Conjurer with performances by Pink Lady and the John Bennett Jazz Band, and featuring burlesque artists Lacy Knickers, Nina Nightshade, Vivian Rose, and Judy Patootie. Plus the Charleens Cabaret Dance Troupe, a swing dance lesson, and a raffle of wizarding world swag.