Le Chat Noir Moderne

Le Chat Noir Moderne

In cooperation with Experience Theatre Company, Lacy Productions created a LIVE virtual artists' salon like no other-- with local artists as well as artists from around the world performing for the audience! Guests could "visit" artists within their virtual "rooms" between 6-7p before our featured headlining act begins! It's a virtual experience like you've never seen before.

Our Cast of Performing Artists!

Mamz'elle Plum'ti

(Burlesque Artist from Paris, France)

Johnny Nuriel

(Fire Cabaret Artist from Portland, Oregon)

Mz. Etta

(Blues/ Jazz Singer from Portland, Oregon)

SImran Gileasen

(Speed painter from Portland, Oregon)

Megan Skye Hale

(Actor from Portland, Oregon)

Leia Young and Eric

(Actors from Portland, Oregon