Cabaret des Arts

CABARET DES ARTS: A Fusion of Visual Arts & Burlesque

Cabaret des Arts raises up sex/body positivity, feminism, and inclusivity through the visual arts and burlesque! Join us as we merge these genres together and experience an empowering, entertaining, and exclusive evening of artistic sensuality.

Begin your evening perusing our Artist Exhibition (showcasing PNW local artists working in a variety of mediums) while sipping cocktails and sampling food available to purchase in our speakeasy-style soiree downstairs (provided by the West End Ballroom).

Afterwards, head upstairs into The West End Ballroom Theater for our Cabaret des Arts show and experience burlesque inspired by both classic and contemporary works of art.


art by Simran Gleason

art by Faie McGuire

art by Maddie Brown

art by Sophia Shalmiyev

art by Rebecca Rodela

art by Ahuva S. Zaslavsky

art by Amira Sereia

art by Amy Pedersen

art by Katie Collins-Guinn

art by M. Martinez

art by Aspen Muskovich

art by Kizzy Anel

art by Elena Fowler

art by AJ Newell